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About Me

One of my earliest memories is creating a family newspaper using the earliest version of Microsoft Publisher. "Brother Sick Today!" "It's Raining Outside!" You know, important stuff.

After graduating from Utica College of Syracuse University (now Utica University) with a B.A. in Journalism, I pursued a career in marketing. I gained so much valuable experience, learning about: 


  • photography

  • publishing on Amazon

  • designing print materials & social media graphics

  • social media analytics

  • Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaigns

  • how to create a website

  • writing for:

    • press releases

    • brochures

    • websites

    • social media marketing

    • email marketing

    • advertisements and blogs


Creating a professional online presence is something I love doing! For someone who doesn't have time or is tech-averse, it can be extremely overwhelming. 


My mission is to provide you with frustration-free, customized services to help you achieve your goals online.


Whether it's publishing your biography or reaching your target market on Facebook, I'm here to help. 


Ready to simplify your digital journey? Let's chat!

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